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face sketch by talion65 face sketch :icontalion65:talion65 0 0 Hulk vs Wolverine and Sabretooth by talion65 Hulk vs Wolverine and Sabretooth :icontalion65:talion65 0 0
My time was spent
in perfect circles
and around every bend
was the chance to pretend
that everything I saw
was new again.
My life has read
stranger than fiction
and a turn of the page
yields the key to the cage
I imagined myself in
all this time.
:icontalion65:talion65 0 0
I Know
I disappeared
from the face of the earth
and reappeared
in the heart of it all.
I left my love
at the feet of a god
and awoke with it falling
from my eyes.
My belief
in my knowledge of truth
made disbelief
so much harder to grasp.
I left it all
on the side of the road
and drove off down a path
I didn't know.
:icontalion65:talion65 0 0
Lines of the Time
Do you know what it's like
to leave it behind,
do you know what it's like
to see?
Can you form up behind
the lines of the time
and finally believe it's a dream?
Will you ever know why
it all came to pass,
will you ever know why
you saw?
If you form up behind
the lines of the time
will you feel for once that it's real?
Did you ever know what
the tale was about,
did you know what
it's all for?
Will you form up behind
the lines of the time
and carve your own path to the truth?
:icontalion65:talion65 0 0
Our Rapport
I showed up big.
The Colossus of Rhodes,
the colossus of the road,
and my smile stretches
from ear to ear,
horizon to horizon
as the message sinks in
and floats to the surface
of all this is important
:icontalion65:talion65 0 0
are all I have to show
for reaching for the
after all the beauty
I chased through time
the purity I held so dear
so that all I have left are
:icontalion65:talion65 0 2
Acceptance seeps slowly
through me,
spreading throughout my being
carried through veins
clogged with emotion.
Like ice cold water
in a parched throat,
acceptance soothes
this aching heart.
:icontalion65:talion65 0 0
A Voice
The spark is a sound,
the fuel is my soul.
It starts in my chest
and rolls outward,
a spiraling ball of
furious flame that
ignites all that it touches
but remains beneath my skin.
At the sound of your voice,
I glow.
:icontalion65:talion65 0 0
You and Me
Above the din of battle
a sound is heard,
it cuts through
the grimy layers of the day
and puts a sheen of
polished brightness on
all that can be seen.
The parting of lips and
the air escaping them,
in the midst of the
raging battle, lifts the
chaos away and replaces
it with a serenity that
completely frustrates me.
:icontalion65:talion65 1 3
Fireworks and Dreams
No fireworks, no show.
Words that ring in the air,
ring in my ears,
louder than the explosions
to which they refer.
No fireworks, no show.
A statement that holds true,
and holds my truth,
in this state of flux
that seems to be constant.
No fireworks, no show.
It will leave me open,
open and exposed,
as I chase down every
single lost dream.
:icontalion65:talion65 1 0
no title
Define a moment.
Could it be every hour
or minute or second?
Or something much faster,
perhaps much longer?
Explain recognition.
Is it physical stimuli
or emotional remembrance?
Or something much deeper,
perhaps much more meaningful?
Descibe completeness.
Maybe the union of opposites
or the last piece of a puzzle?
Or something much simpler,
perhaps much more spectacular?
In each moment
I am reminded
of you.
:icontalion65:talion65 2 0
Where did it go?
It flickers weakly
in the distance
and keeps my one foot
in front of the other.
It kept a smile on
my face when only
despair filled a
heavy heart.
It lets me see
objectively when
frustration clouds
my wet eyes.
It reminds me of
the possibilities that
exist in this world
for happiness.
It is hope.
It is love.
It is you.
:icontalion65:talion65 1 0
I Remember Grace
I remember grace
and a field so green.
I can still see your face
when you smiled at me
and in the moments between
all the smiles that I've seen
I keep chasing a dream
I no longer believe in
But I remember wine
and a day so pure
I can still see the line
where you drew it first
and as the weeks turn to years
I see all of my fears
piling high all around
to come tumbling down
So when can I be free?
free of what you don't want
free of these shackles of thought
free of yesterday's dream
free to believe in something new
and unseen
:icontalion65:talion65 1 0
Boca Arriba
on the operating table
rib cage splayed open
the hand that holds
the surgeon's knife
is connected to the voice
that drips into my veins
:icontalion65:talion65 0 0
A question unanswered,
unspoken, leaves parted
lips in a sigh of
escaping air, escaping life,
escaping the escape
An emotion unfelt,
unknown, nags my swollen
heart with a whisper of
unending promises, unending grace,
unending happy endings
:icontalion65:talion65 0 0

Random Favourites

Light Up the World
Unforgiving holiday nights
In the Pacific Northwest…
Rain trickling down,
Teasing unfortunate memories.
All flows away
With mother's embrace,
Father's booming laughs
And most importantly…
The Christmas lights.
I may be lonely
But I see light
In the trees,
In their eyes…
I may be cold
But I feel warmth
With dimmed ambiance,
As I sit, holding myself close…
In blankets so cozy.
I may miss him,
But I can't be sad
With my skipping heart
When I see those lights…
Illuminating the dark
Radiant, shimmering globes…
This is what it takes
To keep me content.
So why not keep these lights
All year 'round?
No more cold...
Bring me tender summer nights…
Let's set the world aglow.
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 1 0
Someone New
Oh, what a fickle thing.
To bring me here,
From winter to spring.
From air to earth.
From man to man.
From "this" to that.
Oh, what an exciting thing.
To open my eyes,
To that "someone new."
To let me look at him
In a new light
That was always there to start.
Oh, what an intoxicating thing.
For it's when he looks at me,
With his dark, calculating eyes,
That I feel like I need more of him.
Like there is never enough.
Addicted to his mind games,
Is that not a form of intoxification?
Oh, what an unsure thing.
For I truly don't know,
If that "someone new"
Is the one for me.
But let's just see where this takes us,
For I am dying to know.
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 1 4
Winding Road
Going down this winding road
I cannot see the end at all
Should I stop?
Or push onwards?
The thick canopy of trees overhead
Block out the sun
Except for small gaps in the branches
Where light shines down
Onto the worn down surface of the path
I am on
Does the wise person keep going?
Even if the end is unseen?
Or does the wise person turn around?
If one turns around, are they wise, or foolish?
Do I want to be perceived as wise or foolish?
Do I even want to be perceived?
Many have traveled this road
It is obvious from the foot prints left behind
Many keep going
Many have turned around
Mine have stopped momentarily
Pondering all of those that have kept on the path
What did they find at the end?
Was it what they had hoped?
Or what they had dreaded?
Those who had turned back…
Did they regret not finishing what they had started?
Were they happy they hadn't gone on?
What do I want to do?
Dust rises up as I move forward
Not backwards
I have decided to keep on
Down this road
Of which I can
:iconfroststripe:Froststripe 1 1
Mature content
An Attempt at Romantic Poetry :icontoken-wonder:Token-Wonder 2 4
Free Verse, a love poem
Your smile shines like the stars,
Through the darkest clouds,
And through the storms of life.
Your kindness surrounds me,
Like a comforting sweater.
When I could hold on no longer,
There you where,
Loving kindness,
So sweet a smile,
Gleaming from the stars.
Your smile brings me hope,
Your eyes bring me life.
:iconxjchcxx:xjchcxx 4 2
Endless emotions
All but the motions
Downcast eyes
Countless lies
Distance, the key,
Silence and misery
Heath and happiness
Heart and spirit
On the ridges
Beloved bridges
Paths ahead
Tears unshed
:iconamaya2278:Amaya2278 3 2
MELTDOWN by MicahJGunnell MELTDOWN :iconmicahjgunnell:MicahJGunnell 297 65 Iris Swimsuit Pin-up by MicahJGunnell Iris Swimsuit Pin-up :iconmicahjgunnell:MicahJGunnell 484 63 It Hurts. by MicahJGunnell It Hurts. :iconmicahjgunnell:MicahJGunnell 368 39 I'm Flying. by MicahJGunnell
Mature content
I'm Flying. :iconmicahjgunnell:MicahJGunnell 274 63
W i t c h b l a d e by thekidKaos W i t c h b l a d e :iconthekidkaos:thekidKaos 317 30 Nightcrawler - Wolverine by thekidKaos Nightcrawler - Wolverine :iconthekidkaos:thekidKaos 425 118 H E L L B O Y . p e n c i l s by thekidKaos H E L L B O Y . p e n c i l s :iconthekidkaos:thekidKaos 476 95 God of War . colors by thekidKaos God of War . colors :iconthekidkaos:thekidKaos 1,601 87 TRANSFORMERS . pencils by thekidKaos TRANSFORMERS . pencils :iconthekidkaos:thekidKaos 932 96 D a r k - P h o e n i x  2 by thekidKaos D a r k - P h o e n i x 2 :iconthekidkaos:thekidKaos 49 10



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